Monday, November 24, 2008


HCG from Saturday was 1100. He said after the D&C and went down and then platued. So I got the Methotrexate shot on Sunday. I go back in a week or so.

Please let this end already.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

And the saga continues...

I know I know I know I have not been around. I needed and still need time away. I felt it’s time I update all that has been going on, not only to keep for my record, but so that my supporters know I am still alive and well.

I spotted from October 19th – November 5th. My appointment after my hospital episode was November 6th. My lining was 29mm and my HCG was 7400 UP from 3500 two weeks earlier. That was not good. I took 6 Cytotec pills, vaginally, that night. I had a horrid, horrid, night. I barely slept. I was in pain and passing loads of clots. Went in the next day November 7th and my lining had dropped to 15mm and my HCG was 6200. I went back November 10th and my Lining was 16mm and we did a D & C. It was painful, done right there in the office, I was not under. My HCG was 4400. Went back on the 12th and my lining was still thick 16-17mm. I didn’t get my HCG for that day. On November 14th, I woke up with a lot of pain. By the time I got to work and used the bathroom I passed a silver dollar size drop of blood, not a clot as it was bright red. All day I was passing smalls bits and pieces. When I got home that night and used the bathroom, I felt something…when I got up and looked in the toilet it was about 2-3 inches long. I was scared. I thought of calling my DH, but since he gets totally grossed out by all things vaginal, I didn’t. I pondered taking it out, but I had nothing steril to put it in, and didn’t know what to do with it. So..I flushed it. Later that night, I told DH and he got mad that I did not call him. Since then, I have been bleeding, like a medium AF. It has been very mucousy. I also have developed extreme constipation.

And this brings me to this mornings appointment. My lining this time was 9mm. I am so glad it’s coming down. They will call me later to tell me what my HCG is at. The RE is already talking about starting again after the new year. I am scared. We are going to do another HSG, since the D&C did not reveal anything in the uterus and the u/s sometimes shows something near the right tube. He said it’s nothing in danger of rupturing, but wants to make sure the tube is ok before we go on. I was actually going to suggest another one before we started anyway. I am also going to start taking Baby Aspirin to thin my blood. I had my wonderful u/s Tech today ( during all that I typed above she was not my u/s …the ones that I was working w/ must not know how to find ovaries and stuff in a fat chick…they were hurting the heck out of me). She said that the chart shows my Ovaries were hiding last time, but she was able to locate them w/ minimal pain. I love her!!! She is so informative. She talks to me about everything she sees. She’s be doing this for 34 years she said. She told me that the previous u/s showed a large amount of blood by my cervix (yea thanks to the other tech for sharing that bit of info w/ me), but my cervix looks tons better now. I am assuming the mass I passed last Friday was what they were seeing on the u/s. I will update again once I know my HCG.

I am sorry I have not commented on your blogs. I am reading them and keep each and every one of you in my thoughts and prayers.