Monday, March 30, 2009

CD 9

Again I have abandoned my blog. Forgive me. I am having a problem accepting that the last cycle was not a winner.

All my IF friends are turning up pregnant all over the place and as happy as I am for them, I am so sad for me. I don't feel guilty for being sad. We all go through it. Some admit it and others just keep it to themselves.

RE said 200mg of clomid CD 5-9...I said 200mg CD 5&6 and 250mgs CD 7-11....since I had enough left over to do that. First follie scan is on Friday. Can't wait.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Nope, didn't test today. Glad I didn't. A little while ago....spotting. I am ok. I had my cry the other day. There's always next month. April will be 1 year w/ my RE. April will be my 31st birthday.

I'll call the RE on Monday and see what the plan for next cycle is. I think I'll ask for Femara. I've only had it once as a second treatment during a failed clomid cycle.

Maybe my eggs were over matured ...they were kinda big and it was kinda late in the cycle. I'd rather have AF than another failed pregnancy.

Thank you all for your support and optimism. It kept my head afloat.

Friday, March 20, 2009


BFN!!! Do you see a pattern?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009


1ww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dying to test!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


And already going nuts w/ phantom symptoms.

IUI day ~ Constipated

1dpiui ~ Constipated, burning nips, started prometrium in the PM

2dpiui ~ Semi-constipated, burning nips, nausea in the pm w/ watery mouth, felt
like i was going to puke - thought I had food poisoning

3dpiui ~ Loads of Creamy white thick CM leaking out or something lol

The only thing I am worried about is that my boobs don't hurt. Of the 4 cycles I previously O'd in, I always got sore boobs as soon as I O'd. And even after starting the sore boobs....what gives....I'd rather have the sore boobs than the constipation...that's for sure.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

CD 28

Riddle me this...

What do you get when you have 3 released eggies and 80+ million soldiers going to war?!?!?!

Hopefully a STICKY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our regular RE did not do the IUI today, the RE that did the traumatizing D&C did. He did; however, redeem himself. He was AWESOME!!! He swooped in and told DH to come over and look at my cervix. DH said it was a hole w/some white mucous. He then told DH that he is going to put the tube through my cervix and I would feel a cramp, which I did. He then told DH to push his guys in....maybe that would be the trick for this time. DH was loving being a part of it all...and of course loving hearing about his swimmers being a-plenty. He said I was going to get a scan to see if I released my eggs or not and if I did we do BD tonight and if I didn't we do another IUI tomorrow. The scan showed at least one released on the Right and both released from the Left.

Yesterday's stats were:
E2 - 1184
LH - 25.*
P4 - 2.**

2ww here we come!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

CD 27

Went to the RE today. Now mind you last night I was feeling things especially after DH and I BD'd...I even told him he I thought he broke my ovaries. On my right side I have ....30mm and 17mm and on my left side ....get this....38mm and 30mm!!!!!!!!!!! There was nothing there a week ago. I was concerned with the 38mm, but the RE said that he has seen them that big w/ clomid and has seen pregnancies occur. Made me feel a lil better. I got a shot of Lupron, which I thought was only for the supression of ovaries during IVF. But he said it was to make sure I release my eggs....I am still confused by that...but hey, he's the RE. He was concerned w/ my E2 last was inthe 400's. I am wondering since the u/s tech has problems seeing my left side ( I had to squish down that side of my fluffy stomach) could she have missed something. Needless to say, I am soooo happy there was progression and I still have hope with this cycle.

Oh after Dr. Google and I consulted regarding triggering w/ Lupron I came across a post on SC with helpful's the link that was in the post.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

CD 20

Went to the RE this morning. I am disappointed. I was feeling very strong O pains on my left side...well....all I have is 1 follie - 13mm on the Right...NOTHING on the left. WTF!!! Don't get me wrong I am so grateful for my one follie...shoot it only takes one. But I don't get what all those pings and things were on my left side...So I am taking 200mg of clomid for the next three days and going back on Saturday. I don't feel so bad about not being able to BD the last few days (he's been sick).