Monday, December 8, 2008

Gimme a break...

On Thursday I went to the RE for a follow of b/w and u/s. My lining was 3.8mm, down from 9mm 11 days prior. I was told the spot they are seeing by my Right ovary did not get bigger or smaller. So I was to wait for the results of my HCG. Meanwhile, I have been having major bathroom issues and have not been able to go w/o assistance. Not going has been causing major pain on my left side. I was in a lot of pain on Tuesday night, bought some softeners on Wednesday and was able to go and felt relief. I figured I would rinse and repeat on Thursday. Well, I took the pills before I left work at 4pm. I figured since these things tend to work quicker than what the bottle says, I would be ready to go by the time I got home. I sat at my desk waiting for the RE to call and left 15 minutes late w/ no call yet. Half way home I got the worse cramps of my life! I thought my innards were being ripped out. It hurt so so bad. I was cursing the Softeners manufacturer for writing 'cramp free' on the bottle. Shoot, how about crampful!!! I got home and tried to go but no luck. Checked the voicemail from work and my HCG is down to 190. YES!!!!! I go back this weekend for follow-up. So there I am in so much pain DH yelling for me to go to the ER and stubborn me saying no no, I have to give it time to work. never did, so at 8pm i told DH to come on let's go. I could not take the pain any longer. This is why I hate ERs. You wait, and wait and wait and wait and did I mention you wait? Finally got to see the triage and she is so focused on my eyebrows and other things, she has to repeat questions and retake my temp. Thank goodness the wait to go back in the ER was not so much after I seen her. I had to tell them I had an ectopic and was still m/cing. Everyone I encountered in this place kept focusing on that. Hello, I can't go to the bathroom people. I told them I just seen my doc for the ectopic this morning and told them my lining and HCG. But nope everything was focused around this. Finally I dosed off waiting for the ER doc not the nurse and when the nurse came into to the room to check vitals she put some pressure on my stomach which caused pain and the urge to urinate. I went to the bathroom and O-M-G. The pain was unbearable. It hurt when I went, it hurt from the pressure. I walked back to my room and told DH to find the nurse. At this point I was screaming and yelling b/c the pain was so bad. I know DH was embarrassed. Finally the doc came and I had to explain it all over to him. Why don't these people just get it I need to use the bathroom. He told the nurse to give me some pain meds which worked immediately as it was via IV. But I could still feel the pain from when I urinated. They sent me for an u/s and this tech was the first one that actually let me see the screen while he was working, and he talked to me about what he was doing...usually in the ER they keep the monitor away from you. So he said he had to check my kidneys first. And then he checked my ovaries. He said that the right one had a cyst on it, and the left was extremely enlarged. The fact that it was so large could be causing it to push against my bowels make it so hard for me to go. So I went back to my room where I found out that our u/s are not read by someone in the hospital, but sent to Australia to be read. WTF!! This meant more waiting. At about 5am the nurse came in w/ this bottle of stuff for me to drink...I was getting a CAT scan. She said my white blood was high indicating an infection, but they don't know where. Oh, great! It takes 2.5 hours to drink this stuff b/c i had to drink 8oz every half hour. At 730am I go for my CAT scan. I go back to my room and sleep and at 12 noon my OB/GYN comes in to tell me that....there is a 7mm mass on the left side and they are not sure if it is attached to my ovary, they are not sure if it is part of the ectopic. So I explained to him a 7mm mass would surely cause my HCG to be higher than 190 and he agreed. He said he will resend me for u/s and then make a this point one of my options is for him to go in and he may have to remove ovary and tube. OMG!!! I just want to poop!!!!! I am going nuts and I start crying. He leaves to order the u/s. And guess what....I poop!!!!! I think him wanting to take my ovary and tube literally scared the sh*t out of me. I go for my second u/s and this lady keeps the screen from me and she hurts when she is doing it and i just feel like kicking her. I go back to my room and a few hours later comes the ER doc to tell me that the u/s does not show the mass only the CAT Scan, but to follow up w/ my RE and GYN. Does she mention my poop, no. So I do, and she tells me to take softeners...O-M-G I did and guess where that landed me woman!!!!! It is 3pm I have been in the ER since 8pm the day before have not eaten, have barely had any water and I am so ready to just get home. The pain had eased up. I am wondering if this mass they seen on the CAT scan was not just my poop?!?!?

Feeling so great that the pain has let up, I get up and go take a shower on Saturday and what do I do?? I twisted my back causing my Siatic nerve to pinch. Can I just catch a break?? Huh? Can I????