Saturday, February 5, 2011

CD 5

Well, the last cycle was a bust. My E2 is going wonky and every one panics, but my follie size doesn't coincide w/ it all....I did I=O but I had all the signs...and I keep kicking myself b/c I opted out of an IUI.

The u/s tech said I had a few left over, but the doc wants to go ahead anyway. He was going to do a straight inject cycle but i told im i only have enough for 6 days so then he said ok clomid and follistim i said well i thought we would do just clomid since i am averaging 8 days of follistim and only have 6...he said 200mg of clomid (before it was 250) and he would get me more meds ....I go back on thursday after taking the clomid. I figured if I am gonna get more free meds I am not going to fit the fact I just wanted clomid this month.