Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Journey Perhaps....

After speaking to the PCOS specialist, it looks like my TTC journey is going to be on hold yet again.  I am going to pursue the Weight Loss Surgery again.  It wasn't just what she said to me but the combination of that visit and the results of my recent blood work. 

I'm scared...I don't want to die.  Yes, I know the chances are slim to none especially since it's come a long way and if you do everything you need to you will be successful, but what if I am the exception?

So yet again TTC on hold, weight loss front of the line.  I hope I can go through with it.

I have more to say, but that's for another day. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Alternatives and Other Things

So as I stated, I am still on my break. I stumbled over to a PCOS forum I used to frequent, all that does is make me want to get back in the game - like ASAP. See why I had to stay away. I was looking for old friends but then remembered they all moved to FB for the most part and since I no longer have FB well there will be no reconnecting. Boo!

Anywho, what alternative do I speak of you ask? Well when I first started dieting I was on Met and vitamins and fat burners but when I stopped dieting I stopped popping pills. The hirsutism became horrible, the boils unbearable, I only had AF because of the BCPs. I went for my girlie annual in December and the B, I mean doctor who also had PCOS and infertility and miscarriages would not refill the BCPs. She would rather I suffer at the hands of Provera. Um, I don't think so. My AFs are heavy enough as it is. So I had a few refills that I didn't realize I had and used them up. My last period was sometime in August. That was until 2-3 weeks ago when the on and off spotting started and then the full 2 weeks of light flow started. Which seems to still be going on this very minute although it gave me false hope and was MIA most of the day. I keep trying to call the B but can't seem to get through, last year was my first time seeing her but I think I'll just go back to my old gynie. I don't want to call the RE and ask because he will want to see me and well if I get in his stirrups I don't think I will have enough will power to walk out of there with planning a cycle.

So whilst on said forum I decided to venture over to the Alternative Remedies section. Oh the information I found. I so forgot all that information was out there. So I did what any other TTCer in waiting would do, I made Dh drive me all around town to CVS and GNC and picked up some things.

What I'll be taking.


1 Metformin 1000mg
1 Multi Vitamin 1 a day
1 Vitamin D3 2000IU
1 Folic Acid 800mcg
1 Saw Palmetto 450mg
2 Vitex 500mg


1 Metformin 1000mg
1 Vitamin D3 2000IU
1 Fish Oil 1200mg
1 Baby Aspirin 81mg
1 Saw Palmetto 450mg

Seems like a lot to try to offset some PCOS symptoms, but it's worth the try. The only thing missing is the inositol and that's because they did not have pill form only powder. I'll be checking another store for it on Monday. Why am I doing this? Beats the heck outta me. No, really I just want to feel like I am doing something without actually doing something.

Oh while I was filling up my weekly pill container and putting my new pills away, guess what I found - 15 Clomid pills that don't expire until 2014. Where the heck did they come from?!?!?! I swear they weren't there before. Who is playing a cruel cruel joke on me???

Don't worry they will stay there, for now. I really want to see if herbs and vitamins help my PCOS.

On another note, during my break I was diagnosed with a few things. I have always been Insulin Resistant, but have now been Dx'd with Type 2 Diabetes. When the Dr took my blood with the accucheck it was in the 400s. That scared the crap outta me. She gave a monitor and I went back on Met. After going back on it I was able to get my sugar in the 200s and since I've been dieting I have it usually between 130-150 and on bad diet days 170s. Still high I know but considering it was in the 400s. The biggest sign that I had when my sugar was so high was thirst, no matter what I drank and how much I was always thirsty. And frequent urination. I was up at least 5 times a night peeing.

When I was considering WLS my blood work came back with vitamin D deficiency. They also send you for sleep study and I have sleep apnea which I never went back for. Shhh don't judge me. I have since gone back on my asthma meds. I read that PCOSers usually have vitamin D issues and also read that vitamin D can help with asthma. So I am hopeful.

My plans for the next few weeks? The lbs I lost in October were without exercise. I plan to get back on my treadmill. I plan to stick with my diet and stick with the herbs and vitamins to see if there are any improvements with my PCOS symptoms. I plan to see the specialist in a PCOS center that I just discovered in Philadelphia and see how they can help, not with TTCing but with PCOS. In my last few months of my break I want to control PCOS as much and in the best way I can so I can be 110% successful when I try again and so maybe just maybe this time I get a take home baby.