Thursday, June 17, 2010

CD 23 ~ 5dpo

OK so I know I missed recording a lot.

Obviously last cycle was a bust.

This cycle I took 250mg of C.lomid from CD 4-8 went in for a scan, had nothing and then used up the last of my 500IU G.onal-F and F.ollistim combo. Went back for a scan and still had nothing dominant. I told them I didn't have any more med and the lovely nurse went in the back and came out w/ (2) 600IU Follistim boxes. I was so thankful.

That was a Monday. I went back that Thursday and 8 follies on one side 9 on the other but nothing over 12mm. My E2 was at 2000 and LH was at 24 so they told me to only take 75IU Thursday and nothing Friday and go back Saturday for a scan. Stupid me didn't think they would call so I missed the VM and actually took 150IU on Thursday.

lining 11.1
R ~ 14, 13(2), 12, 10(2)
L ~ 13(2), 12, 11, 10(2), 9

E2 ~ 3643
P4 ~ 5.84
LH ~ 35.7

I was supposed to just do 50 and 50 over the weekend and go back on Monday. But this time I paid attention for the VM. My high LH on Thursday was indicative of a true surge not a PCOS fluke. So I had to rely on BDing instead of IUI b/c I was going to O that night. I was upset w/ that b/c my CM is acid and likes to kills DHs lovely lil sperms. But what could I do, no time for p.reseed.

And, I did O that night. Just like he said I would. I woke up Sunday morning to sore boobs and TMI constipation always a sure sign of O for me.

And here I am 5 days into the dreaded 2ww. I had a dream last night that I tested @ 8dpo and got a BFP. Went for a BETA and it was 78. Weird. I would never test that early. And no, I still won't. lol

Baby dust, dbling dust, and sticky dust to the TTC world.

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Jodi said...

Babydust and baby stickies to you hun.