Saturday, April 11, 2009

CD 20 & 21

CD 20

R ~ 21mm
L ~ 26 and 18mm.

My lining is 6.3, the thinnest it's every been. Usually it's double that. No explanation for why so thin.

E2 ~ 1021
LH ~ 9.**

CD 21

R ~ 26mm
L ~ 31 and 28mm

Lining ~ 9 ((woooot))

Depending on today's bloodwork, IUI tomorrow or Monday. RE said that since my e2 is that high, all 3 of my follies must have mature eggies. Come on BFP!!


No surge yet...going back on Monday.


Michelle said...

hey girl, just sending happy thoughts ur way and praying for a bfp!

womb for improvement said...

Good luck on Monday.