Thursday, April 29, 2010

CD ~ 3 Gettin' the party started

Had my CD3 baseline today. Lining is at 8.8mm so I'll be bleeding a while, which is nothing new. All RPL testing came back negative. That's great don't get me wrong, but that still leaves the big question...why did I lose 3 babies?

I started the G.onal-F today. I'll be taking 150ui/day and go back on Monday morning bright and early. No clomid this time, no reason given just told I wont be taking it.

BUTTERFLIES galore swarming in mah belly!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Best of luck with this next round. I guess it's good news if the testing didn't show anything wrong, but, as you said, that doesn't help to explain the situation.

Good to hear from you again.