Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CD2 ~ Can you say breakdown?

AF arrived yesterday. I am already clotting heavily. Wonder if this is the tall tell (or is it tell tall?) sign that I have some type of clotting disorder.

I called my RE to tell them it was CD1 and that I need to make an appointment for Thursday for CD3 u/s and b/w. Appointment was made. I then ask them about my G.onal F and they said the paper was faxed to the warehouse for the C.ompassionate C.are program on April 19th. But they have not received the G.onal F yet. Ok...freaking out here.

I called C.ompassionate C.are people and they said nope, no fax received or S my co-ordinator would have been notified and in turn she would have notified me. I called the REs office back and had them refax the paper. She did it while I was on the phone and said it went through. So...all yesterday afternoon and this morning I have been calling the CC program people to verify if the fax was received in the warehouse.

Now I am going nuts, I am not getting an answer so, I asked to speak with someone who is above my co-ordinator. But ....who gets on the phone...S the co-ordinator telling me how she was just about to call me. Apparently the meds were shipped and received by my REs office on April 21st. She gave me the tracking number and everything. Now, I have to call the REs office back...I was afraid that their lunch time answering service would have been turned on already, but I caught them just in time. The receptionist keeps telling me they don't have the meds, that the lady, A, who signs for things only does that she doesn't know where they go afterward and D, the lady whom my meds were attentioned to, is on vacation. So I am really panicking now.

The receptionist said she would have some one look for them again and call me back. Now, I am crying at work, at my desk, sitting in the middle of both my teams, and about to pull my hair out. I called my friend C, who I would like to tell you about and was actually going to tell you about until this whole fiasco, so I will save her story for another day. She was trying really hard to calm me down and get me to stop crying. And then the REs office calls back. They found my meds!!!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!! The very intelligent woman whom my meds were attentioned to forgot to label them with my name. Guess who's not smarter than a 5th grader. I was so relieved, I felt like 20lbs of bricks came off me.

During my hunt for G.onal F, I also called the lab I went to on April 15th. I called them b/c twice I asked my RE if the results came in and twice they told me they were pending. I want to make sure they have the results for when I go there tomorrow. Well, the lab said my REs office had access to the results since April 16th. So she was also going to fax them over. I would feel real nervous about treatment and not having the results...b/c what if something went wrong?

So, looks like I am all set for tomorrow. Holy cow!


stina978 said...

what a whorl-wind adventure. I hope that things calm down for you and that your appointment goes well tomorrow!

The Patterson's said...

Ugh! What a pain to spend that much time on the phone between the two places. Hopefully everything has been figured out and your appointment will go great!

Another Dreamer said...

Woah hun, what a crazy-could-have-been-completely-avoided-drama. Can I smack someone for you! Ungh!

Positive thoughts about the appointment- hopefully they will discuss plans and pull it together to work as a team- craziness.