Monday, May 10, 2010

CD 14 ~ and away we go

Went to the RE this morning....

And we have.......

R ~ 14 (2), 11 (2) and 10 (2)
L ~ 13, 12, 10 (5)

Finally, something measurable!

E2 dropped to 517 so I'll take 150IU tonight and tomorrow night and then we go back in on Wednesday and are hoping for Friday IUI.

A few post ago I mentioned my friend C. She knows all about what we are going through and has been there for me. She is always positive and trying to keep me calm when I start to go nuts. She is the most awesomest friend I could ask for. Well today I was describing to her what happened at my appointment and she asked me if the follies that don't ovulate will come out....when I go to the bathroom. LMAO!! She had me laughing so so so much!!!! Gotta love her!

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Chhandita said...

Yupieee for measurable follies...countdown begins..