Thursday, May 6, 2010

CD10 ~ Waiting Waiting Waiting...

All I have is an 8mm on my left side ...all the others are too small to be considered measurable. I have to keep on w/ the 150IU and go back on Monday, unless my E2 says otherwise. All I have left is 750IU G.onal-F and 300IU F.ollistim. I just hope it's enough.

Bummed out.


I got a VM from the doctor's office and they said to take 75IU tonight and tomorrow and go in on Saturday instead. I have to wait until tomorrow to call and check what my E2 was since they were already closed when I got the VM. I am confused, if I only have one 8mm follie and they grow 2mm a day then it will only be 12mm on Saturday why decrease my dose?

oh and how in the world is my lining 12mm and 3 days ago it was did it grow so fast?

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Chhandita said...

Decreasing the dose doesnt make sense..but then they are the long it ends in what we want...