Friday, August 29, 2008

CD17 - Visit with the RE

I had an U/S today. My lining is 10mm which means I will still keep bleeding. My ovaries were looked at. My right ovary is quiet. My left ovary has a 16mm follie on it. WTF!!! I then had my blood taken. If I don't get a call I am to have sex on Monday and go back on Tuesday for a looksee at my follie.

So, what are my chances of this follie actually ovulating while I am still bleeding? And there is no chance of implantation b/c I am shedding correct??

I am torn between anger for the bleeding and joy from the follie.


Kristen said...

When I was on the Clomid I was having an issue with really long, heavy cycles. My doc told me it was absolutely possible to become pregnant while bleeding. So I say find a day when you're light and go for it! Good luck!

A Decade of BFNs said...

Thanks!! I just get scared that implantation will not occur b/c I am bleeding and the egg will come out.

womb for improvement said...

Ahhh. There's nothing more romantic than scheduled sex! Oh I lie, scheduled sex whilst bleeding. Good luck.

A Decade of BFNs said...

LOl thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know...I'm very curious about this as I am having similar issues. I just started a round of clomid at 50 mg, but I'm still bleeding very heavily (cd9). I have wondered in the last few weeks of bleeding if I could actually ovulate somewhere along the way. Please keep up the posts. I'm interested in learning more about this. Thanks!

I Believe in Miracles said...

womb for improvements comment is hilarious.

what's the update??

i do know one person who got pregnant having sex on AF at the end of her cycle. seems like anything is possible... and i always think about that for hope on bad days. :o)