Wednesday, August 6, 2008

TV, oh and I am now in the 1ww!!!

If you knew me IRL, you would tell me I watch entirely too much TV. My life revolves around 8pm!! I am in mourning b/c my DVR broke this weekend and we are supposed to get a new one today...well they tried to deliver it yesterday, but DH was not home. All of my previously recorded items have been deleted….music videos, hours of X-Files, hours of an NCIS marathon, and most recently recorded practically all last season of Eureka and the season premier!! A few movies I recorded from Sci-Fi, and all my reminders. M is non-too happy as all his WWE reminders are now null and void!! He missed Saturday's Main Event b/c of it.

Tonight I get to indulge in SYTYCD--So You Think You Can Dance, which will be over soon. Then what?? It's summer time and all my delicious TV watching is on hold until September. BOOO!!!

What I can't wait to start in the Fall:

PrisonBreak(FOX-Sept 1st) ~ OMG!!!! I am in love. I have not missed an eppie since it started. Wentworth, you are hot!!!!

Bones(FOX-Sept 3rd) ~ I wonder if Bones and Booth got together would the show go kaput?? They have great chemistry.

Fringe(FOX-Sept 9th) ~ New show…commercials make it seem interesting …but we all know how that can pan out.

House(FOX-Sept 16th) ~ OMG is there a doctor in the house…b/c he is more of a psycho than a doctor…but I still love him.

L&O:SVU(NBC-Sept 23rd) ~ Now don’t get me wrong there was a time when I used to be highly addicted all things L&O. But in recent years the other two have
just …slipped away.

Lipstick Jungle(NBC-Sept 24th) ~ Fairly new show …just started last season. I am willing to keep giving it a try…after all Brooke Sheilds is in it.

Grey's Anatomy(ABC-Sept 25th) ~ Come on already!!!! They are driving me nuts together, broken up, together, broken up, rinse and repeat.

Desperate Housewives(ABC-Sept 28th) ~ Do I want to be just like them…NO. Do I enjoying watching them….YES!!!!!

Dirty Sexy Money(ABC-Oct 1st) ~ I guess I didn’t have anything else to fill the slot and it just grew on me.

Private Practice(ABC-Oct 1st) ~ I am so hoping this show picks up. I think Addison is great, but hope she didn’t mess things up by going solo.

Cold Case(CBS-Sundays) ~ Is this coming back for a new season?? I guess CBS just doesn’t post the premier dates LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

CSI: Miami(CBS-Mondays) ~ I only used to watch CSI, barely watched CSI:NY and NEVER watched CSI: Miami…until one day I fell in love with a red head, there’s no turning back.

NCIS(NBC-Tuesdays) ~ Abby is one of my favorite characters on TV. I did not see the last season b/c other things were on TV, but w/ my trusty DVR I won’t miss an eppie now.

Without A Trace(NBC-Tuesdays) ~ Have watched this show since it started. I miss a few seasons or half seasons but I catch up on reruns.

Cablewise…I am looking forward to Nip/Tuck(FX-Sundays) and Dexter(SHO-Sept 28th). Which means I will have to change my package at home since I do not have premium channels!! lol

So... I am 8DPO -- officially 1 week down, 1 week to go. Am I hopeful...yea sometimes like when my boobs really hurt. Am I devestated...yea sometimes like when my boobs don't seem to hurt as much as 5 minutes ago.


Heather said...

I don't know how I lived before DVR. I record tons of stuff now just so I don't have to watch commercials.

A Decade of BFNs said...

I will pause a show go do dishes or cleaning so I can come back and skip the commercials lol..I'm a doof. I just love it!!!

Kristen said...

So you have a few shows that I never got in to - but for the most part, we love the same stuff. I'm totally feeling Wentworth, too. Yummy!! Haha!

Angry IF said...

I love Dexter. I also like Breaking Bad and Big Love.