Thursday, September 25, 2008

2DPIUI ~ I can float!

I feel so bloated I think I would float on my own like a bouy. Tender, achy, sore. More noticable when I walk and move in bed.

Called my Nurse b/c I read (and also got confirmation from a former patient of my clinic) that the booster HCG shot can worsen OHSS. She said to keep my appointment and they will do an u/s and based on that and how I am feeling determine if I get the booster or oral progesterone. I asked if I get a P4, she said yes, P4, E2 and Beta!!! I didn't think to ask, but I guess the beta is to see how much of the first HCG shot is left in my system. LOL I was just excited at the word Beta!

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On My Way to Fertility said...

Oh Lord, I know the feeling. treat yourself to a treat! You need and deserve it. Good Luck!!!