Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CD 28 - See Spot Run, See Spot Hide

Last night was my last provera pill. Shortly after I had to make a pit stop. *TMI ALERT* Whilst in the loo I noticed a tinging of pink on my TP. I actually said to myself wow! wow! WOW! Ok, deep breath, butterflies, WOW!! SIGH.

I was not expecting it this soon. I dunno if I am shooked at it's promptness, excited at the prospect of a new cycle and a new opportunity, or nervous and scared of bleeding again for 20 days.

This morning I had nothing. But a few hours ago it was back and as of the last pit stop it seems to be getting heavier. Still not a light flow...more of a spotting, but getting there. OMG!!!!!!! I am going to do injectibles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On My Way to Fertility said...

Yeah!!! Sending good vibes your way.

womb for improvement said...

What has become of us that injectibles are exciting?! Good luck