Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CD7 - Great things come in small packages.

HCG was delivered 10:30am to DH's Aunties house. I am so happy that is out of the way.

Well AF has decided she is going to stick around, but she is not going to be pushy. Tell me why I had wet clear cm and AF on my TP this morning. UGH!!!! I don't get it.

Oh, I drew blood last night. Yup. My first time since starting the injections. I freaked out and then I thought I was seeing a bump at the injection site and all I could think of was that the medicine is in the bump and it's not going where it needs to.

Something is brewing in there people. I am feeling it on both sides. Please let tomorrow show me great news.

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womb for improvement said...

TP? Nope can't think what that is, do i want to know? Glad you are feeling positive though.