Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CD 25 Confuzzeled

Ok, so my body lied to me. You know how I know...I got a darker OPK this morning. It was as almost as dark as the control line and I compared it to my April cycle (b/c I used to same brand then) and it looks just like my CD21 which means tomorrow's should be darker yet, as I got a blazing +++ on CD22 of that cycle. I usually get +++ for about 2 days. I won't call the RE until I am 100% sure this is a positive and not a fluke. So you know what that means....POAS all day long!!!! And try the natural way. Although, due to CM issues, I don't think that will do us much good, but I do have one bottle of Pre.Seed left so hopefully that will do the trick.

On another front. I just need to say what an amazing resource Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters blog is. So many times I Goo.gled IF related stuffs and I always ended up at her site. Not only does she have a list of just about every IF Diagnosis, treatment, and medication, but she also has a directory of just about every IF Blog out there ~ for every possible situation. The owner of this blog has other blogs and yesterday I came across the Lost and Found and Connections Abound blog, thanks to directions from those who have left me comments. It's great. It's like a little summary of the happenings, who's got a Bday, anniversary, who is cycling, getting scans, in the 2ww...ect. It's wonderful and if you have not been there, I strongly suggest checking it out.

I have ferrets. Have I told you guys that? 5 of them to be exact. I am head over heals in love with them. Photobucket

Here take a look:

From L to R we have Sonic aka Monkey (he climbs on everything), Mimzy (our only girl) and Crash (he bumps into everything).

This is Yonk-Yonk pka Bianca until we found out SHE was a HE.

Our newest edition to family is Yoshi he is the one curled upside down.

These are my babies. I can not tell you how much I love them. How watching them run around and play not only lights up my life but that of M and J.



I Believe in Miracles said...

Your ferret babies are adorable.

L&F and Stirrups are great resources. It's great to go into other blogs, here peoples stories and learn from experiences, relate to people, etc.

Good luck with the OPK. They never really worked for me - thus my dr prescribed blood draws starting CD12 until ovulation.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, sperm can live for upto 4-5 days once in the uterus. The eggie for only 48. SO as long as your are foaming the run way you are covering your bases :)

March cycle I got pregnant we BD's Saturday--trigger shot Sunday--BD Monday--Ovulation Tuesday--BFP 14 dpo!