Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mission - Seduce M : Failed

Well....M seemed fine when I got home from work. I thought YAY!!! BDing for me tonight. Boy was I wrong. I went to wash some dishes later on and when I went back to the bedroom he was sleeping. UGHHHHHHH!!! Can we say FRUSTRATION!

So, I am still in the 2ww and 2DPO if we go by my temps, but my OPK is still +++. Thank you body, thank you for being so confusing.

The other day I mentioned how I was reading a blog starting from the beginning. The blog I have been reading is A Little Pregnant. Her story is amazing and although she may feel like she is not strong going through all she has, I want her and everyone else to know how brave and strong she really is. I am getting close to the end. I reading the end of 2007. I can't wait to see what she is up to now. I refuse to read any post she makes until I am caught up. I don't want to spoil her story. She is an excellent writer and I told M she should be writing a book.

The first few blogs I found, the author's no longer post which upset me. I don't like to be left hanging, but I know things happen and sometimes you just can't keep updating.

I never realized how addicting this blog stuffs can be.


Jenni said...

lmao!!! I have to admit that A little Pregnant was the first blog that I ever read. Then that lead me to the Lost and found and so on. As for the DH, awwwww, that is enought to make you wish you had some left over sperm in a turkey baster stashed away in your own freezer huh. No really I would never do it but damn sometimes, I wish these men understood. lol. Besides, you are 2 dpo and I am 4 dpo, I am telling you that there is good news in our future.

Wishing 4 One said...

LOL....don't you hate when they fall asleep? I still, believe it or not, still try "seduction" after O-ing even though its has NEVER worked for the last 10 years for us. Oh well. Here's to some stickies coming your way soon.

Jendeis said...

A little pregnant was also one of the first IF blogs I ever read. I'm glad that you found it and are enjoying it.

CG said...

Good luck with the 2ww. I totally agree about the A Little Pregnant blog. I absolutely loved it. It was the first one I ever read. I will keep praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Do you by chance have PCOS? IF so that can make an OPK + when it shouldn't be due to higher than ussual LH.

Remember too...sperm live up to 5 days in the uterus so even if you missed their initial debut you have plenty of days to catch up!!!