Thursday, July 17, 2008


I fixed my charts. I just added the links instead. So CD13 today. Loads of O pain yesterday and today. I had what I thought to be O pains last month and well...there was nothing there. I just couldnt understand it. So I hope my body is not playing tricks on me again. Shoot w/ 7 days of 200mgs of Clomid SOMETHING better be going on in there!!!!

My life revolves around TTCing. It's all I think about Morning, Noon, and Night. I try to focus on other things, but it's virtually impossible. I know it's bad. I know I need another outlet. I just have yet to find it.

On another note tomorrow is my (well i guess it isn't another note b/c it's the same topic...TTCing) follie scan is tomorrow. HURRY and get here already.

I watched Jon and Kate plus 8 for the first time yesterday. I dunno what to think of them yet. There is just something about the both of them that gets me. When I'll know.

So anything interesting out there in blogland....anyone even listening??

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